Take WiFi Hotspots to another level.

Meet NextGate version 3, it is an innovative platform, built by NextToYou Network Solutions, to provide all its clients with a customizable Internet Access Controller software that can be used on the cloud or as an appliance to manage WiFi zones, that is easy to use and completely modular.

100% Managed

A complete and flexible platform that allows the management of WiFi Hotspots zones with multi-tenant support. On top of that there is a marketplace full of addon modules that makes the NextGate the perfect tool for every WiFi scenario.


The Market built into the NextGate operative system allows it's users to reach an ever-evolving ecosystem of modules and extensions, making it adaptable to any client requirement.


With only one NextGate manage multiple clients and expand your business to any market easily. Take the advantages of the pay as you grow business model.

Current Problem

Current Internet era demands WiFi connectivity everywhere and WiFi access providers must have control over their infrastructures and customers.

Traditional WiFi Hotspot solutions provide limited control and information to managers and clients and the solutions are so generic that miss important key features for specific market segments.

System integrators have to deal with several vendors and products to fulfil all the necessary features for each client requirements and current appliances work solely on proprietary local hardware or alternatively as a cloud service.

There isn't an all-in-one appliance, integrating multiple IP services, both on local and/or distributed scenarios.

The Solution - NextGate Software

NextGate is an all-in-one modular software, proving easy and adaptable integration of multiple IP services for any market segment, that can be installed on the cloud or on a local server.

Provides a single interface for personalized configuration and management of both system configuration and addon modules.

Flexible hotspot marketing exploitation via pre-access video, login-page and landing-page customization (promoting brands and services).

Intuitive marketplace with modular apps enhancing base features.

Works on top of existing WiFi and ethernet networks and equipments.

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